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Smoother, More Youthful Skin

Deana is a medical office administrator and presented with bilateral pain and inflammation in her hands, due to her long hours at the computer keyboard.

Deana’s doctor recommended Aquaroll® treatments 3 times per week for 4 weeks. She was successfully discharged after the 12 sessions, with no remaining pain or inflammation.

“After only the first 3 treatments, I began to notice that the inflammation in my hands had subsided significantly. Halfway through the treatments, my pain had resolved completely. One very surprising and very noticeable change was the new, soft, youthful appearance of my hands. My sunspots vanished and the skin on my hands is now smoother and looks clear and nourished. My hands have been refreshed from the inside out with Aquaroll®. I couldn’t be happier.”
40-year-old female

Finger Jamming Sports Injury

Nicholas is a professional soccer player. He presented 8 weeks after a finger-jamming incident on the soccer field with a stiff digit. He was concerned his finger might be fractured or dislocated, since it was not recovering after so much time.

Nicholas’ doctor recommended Aquaroll®. After just 2 Aquaroll® treatments, he experienced full restoration of his range of motion.

“It’s truly incredible. With the numerous injuries pro athletes experience, every team and trainer should have access to Aquaroll®.”
21-year-old male

Decreased Scarring & Hypersensitivity

Jeffrey is a young, active man who works as a butcher in his local supermarket. He presented with a finger (distal digit) amputation after an accident with a meat slicer. His surgeon treated him with debridement and skin grafting. However, the swelling and sensitivity in his fingers remained, making it difficult for him to return to work.

Jeffrey’s doctor recommended 5 Aquaroll® treatments. He was successfully discharged soon thereafter with decreased swelling, scarring, and hypersensitivity.

“Aquaroll® was so much faster than sitting through a traditional therapy session. It wasn’t painful and I could feel the improvement after each treatment. Now I’m back playing sports and working full-time. Thanks to the huge reduction in my scarring, I’m less self-conscious, too.”
23-year-old male

Workers Comp Injury

Ruben presented after a construction accident with a crush injury with a laceration to his right index finger. His workers comp injury had left him with hypertrophic scarring, swelling, and decreased range of motion with hypersensitivity.

Ruben’s doctor recommended 12 Aquaroll® treatments over the course of a month. He was successfully discharged after his final session, having regained his full range of motion and greatly lessened his scarring.

“After my construction accident, my right index finger just wasn’t improving. It was interfering with every aspect of my life. I was skeptical when my doctor recommended Aquaroll® therapy. I had never heard of it, but my case manager told me about the many successful cases he had personally seen go through the Aquaroll® center. I’m so glad I gave it a chance, because Aquaroll® gave me the full use of my finger and hand back. Today, I feel great, my scarring is much less noticeable, I’m back to work and paying my mortgage.”
47-year-old male

More stories from users just like you.

Andreas  |  66-year-old male

Andreas is a right-hand dominant lawyer. He presented with pain, swelling and discomfort at the base of his right thumb. His pain was so severe that he visited a hand surgeon in Miami while on vacation from Argentina. Andreas had been treated by doctors in the past with steroid injections and was looking for a non-invasive treatment alternative.

Andreas’ doctor recommended 6 Aquaroll® treatments over the course of his 10-day stay in Miami.

Andreas went home to Argentina with decreased swelling, improved function and strength, and an enhanced ability to grasp and pinch with his thumb.

“Who would have thought after years of suffering that there is such a simple, painless solution?! I cannot recommend Aquaroll® highly enough. Finally soothing the constant arthritis pain has improved my quality of life. The unexpected benefit was that my hand looked rejuvenated and years younger after the treatments. My wife is going to use it just for the beauty improvement on our next visit.”

Mary  |  42-year-old female

Mary presented after a right great toe surgery with pain, swelling, redness, and hypertrophic scarring. Worst of all, these symptoms resulted in difficulty wearing flip-flops and high heels — her favorites.

Mary’s doctor recommended 5 Aquaroll® treatments. She and her doctor saw almost immediate results.

“The wave of beads smoothed out my terrible scar — something traditional therapy had been unable to do. Thanks to the Aquaroll®, I can comfortably return to normal shoes.”

Alexandra  |  52-year-old female

Alexandra is right hand dominant and spends a lot of time in front of a computer. She presented with numbness and tingling in the right hand. Nerve studies revealed mild diagnostic evidence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Alexandra wanted to avoid surgery, so her doctor recommended 12 Aquaroll® treatments, over the course of a month.

Alexandra’s symptoms resolved completely and she was able to successfully avoid surgery. Her doctor then placed her on a maintenance schedule of Aquaroll® once a week for 4 weeks. 1 year post-treatment, she still hasn’t seen a recurrence of symptoms.

“I know so many people at work who have had carpal tunnel procedures, but I didn’t want to be one of them. Aquaroll® allowed me to recover without the downtime of surgery. And the sessions are so quick I can do them over my lunch break… My little secret is that my hand we were treating started looking younger and the age spots started disappearing. So I treated my other hand, too! Now I am pain free with fabulous looking hands.”

Lucia  |  60-year-old female

Lucia is a sous chef and presented initially with numbness and tingling in her right hand. Nerve studies revealed carpal tunnel syndrome requiring surgical intervention. After an open carpal tunnel release, her symptoms resolved and she returned to work, where she was asked to continue cutting more than 300 avocados per day for 4 weeks. Not unsurprisingly, she developed pain, swelling, hardness and redness at the incision site. It got so bad that she could hardly touch the palm of her right hand without severe pain.

Lucia’s doctor recommended she come for Aquaroll® treatments several times a week. She saw an immediate improvement, with scarring, sensitivity, and redness all diminishing.

After 23 sessions, Lucia returned to full duty at work. One year later, she is still symptom free.

“In my line of work, we abuse our hands. Aquaroll® was like a mini spa break. It was fast enough I could do it over my lunch hour. I could feel it working almost instantly. Now, my scarring is down, I can touch my palm again without pain, and I’m back in the kitchen where I love to be.”

David  |  60-year-old male

David presented with a broken wrist (distal radius fracture) and a great deal of post-injury pain and swelling. After surgery, his doctor recommended Aquaroll® instead of traditional therapy to aid in his recovery — treatments 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

After 2 months, David’s surgeon successfully discharged him with full range of motion and excellent functional use of his hand.

“Almost immediately I began to sense relief. Towards the end of my Aquaroll® treatment, my swelling and pain were completely gone. I can play ball with my grandson again.”

Martha  |  57-year-old female

Martha is a physical laborer whose body has seen some hard times. She presented with extreme pain, limited range of motion, an inability to close her fist, and a rigid wrist. A previous distal radius fracture was treated non-operatively and had resulted in a mal-union. Her surgeon performed an osteotomy to correct the deformity and recommended Aquaroll® as her post-operative therapy.

Martha’s was a severe injury and required an extensive recovery period. She received 30 Aquaroll® treatments over a 4-month period. She was able to regain her range of motion without pain.

“I was devastated when I needed surgery. I had already gone through so much pain. But my surgeon was able to correct my problem and Aquaroll® helped me recover. I don’t have a lot of time to get away for treatments, so the short sessions were perfect. With each treatment, I could feel my pain dissolving away and my motion coming back. Today, I have a fully functional and pain-free hand.”